Microbiological Testing

Testing Protocols

The unique, long lasting antimicrobial benefits of SILVADUR™ (900 Flex) can be measured using many different industry standard techniques; however, it is imperative that treated products be tested and analyzed consistently across the globe using test laboratories that have been Certified by the International Antimicrobial Council (IAC) and will provide IAC Verfied test reports to ensure proper use levels and avoid confusion in the marketplace.

The primary microbiological method recommended for measuring antimicrobial activity is based on the ASTM E3160-18 test method. This method follows the testing guidelines within the OECD Task Force on Biocides for the measurement of efficacy of biocide treated articles.


All antimicrobial test methods should follow guidelines put forth by the International Antimicrobial Council for measuring the antimicrobial activity of treated articles. IAC Verification number is required.

  • ASTM E3160 - Primary
  • JIS L1902
  • AATCC 100
  • ISO 20743
  • FZ/T 62015-2009 (China)
  • FZ/T 73026-2006 (China)
  • QB/T 2881-2007 (China)
  • Dow Internal Testing Standards


  • AATCC 61-2A
  • ASTM E3162-18

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